MetaCard Corporation

Pricing and Supported Platforms

Single user licenses of MetaCard are $995 (U.S. dollars) and can be used on any platform or combination of platforms. No need to buy a separate version for each platform as many other authoring tools require!

Multi-user (site) licenses are available from $3,600 for five users up to $30,000 for 250 users. Higher-ed educational institutions receive a 50% discount on any size license. Special pricing and bundled software is available to K12 schools through the MetaCard K12 Program.

MetaCard 2.5 is supported on 68K and PPC Macintosh systems running MacOS 7.1 through 9.X, with a separate Carbon/Mach-O engine for use with Mac OS X. The Win32 engine runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP and Windows 3.1 systems with the Win32s library (see the README for installation instructions and a list of features not available under Win32s). Nine popular UNIX/X11 platforms are also supported: SunOS SPARC, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Darwin (Mac OS X), SGI IRIS, HP-9000/700, IBM RS/6000, BSD UNIX, and Linux.

MetaCard makes very small demands on system resources. The engine sizes range from 1 to 2 MB, with most stacks ranging in size from 20K to 500K and a total disk space requirement of less than 4MB for the development system. No special display, networking, or other hardware is required.

Your initial MetaCard license includes unlimited technical support via email and free upgrades for a 1 year period. After that period, you'll need to renew your subscription and/or support contracts for each 1 year interval. See the FAQ for subscription renewal details. Non-toll-free telephone support is available with a separate phone support contract. See the licensing information in the MetaCard Starter Kit for details.

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