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Here is what some MetaCard users have to say about the product. More unsolicited testimonials can be found in the MetaCard-List Archives. Search for "CBT" in the 4Q98 archive, for example.

MetaCard is an awesome authoring environment; it is truly a superset of both HyperCard and SuperCard, and provides a load of great features for your stacks. If you haven't DL'ed the demo version, I would highly recommend doing so.

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software

After six months of using MetaCard, I still marvel at the amount of power it delivers. So far have have used it to develop a cross platform multimedia application, implement local network functionalities and now add internet support. Given that I was never formally trained and have never written a line in C, this is simply amazing. I can't thing of any other development tool that would allow me to do that much with that much ease.

Pierre Arnaud
Ecole Supirieure de Commerce de Paris

Man... You people have a great product!

Mike Gehl
TOTO Multimedia

A general thing I'd like to say: MetaCard is wonderful, and complex. We have found at least as many bugs or weak points in OMO, but there was nobody that would answer our requests there. We found some bugs in HyperCard, but lots of weak points, where we had to work a long way around. MetaCard is the most powerful and complete xTalk environment I have seen.

Ruediger zu Dohna

We just finished up our latest CBT course using MetaCard and are having great reviews. Thanks for providing a product that makes development under Win32 with deployment under UNIX/X an enjoyment and practicality.

Steven Seidl
National Cryptologic School

MetaCard is the multimedia cbt authoring tool of choice for SGI's Education, Design, & Technology (ED&T) group. Using MetaCard has increased our productivity and creativity.

My group had originally tried to develop our product using IconAuthor (IA). We had hoped that IA would have a low learning curve and that IA programs would be easier to maintain. In the final analysis, however, I would say that if you have experience programming or experience authoring in HyperCard, then learning MetaCard will not be any huge task. ...and as far as maintainability of your MC application that entirely depends on how you design the MC stack. I have found my MC application to be *easier* to modify than the equivalent IA program.

MC's service is not to be beat. MC would respond to my questions in about 2-8 hours (including weekends). 98% of these responses resulted in complete resolution of my problems. I have found MC to be knowledgeable, prompt, and reliable. New MC updates come often and even betas are reliable working versions. MC's understanding of UNIX is exceptional.

Lori Pfeifer
Silicon Graphics

I have used a wide range of Unix development tools on many types of Unix platforms. MetaCard is the best cross platform tool I have ever used. I have been developing software for over 20 years. MetaCard has exceeded all my expectations and has made it possible for us to provide a easy to use GUI front end for our systems management product which distinguishes us from our competitors.

Rich Morgan
Tactix, Inc.

Thanks very much for your help. I must say that MetaCard has the fastest and most efficient support (compared to many large software vendors that I deal with everyday). You have a good customer service which is what it takes to make a product work.

Eric Rosevear

For your info, I have just posted off an e-mail order form to upgrade from our single MetaCard license to 5 licenses.

This reflects confidence here that we will be able to sort out our timing/synchronization issues, and that MC will become the standard product in our department for academics (and particularly graduate students) to program many of their experiments.

Mark Randell
Psychology Department
University of Western Australia

Honestly, I find it difficult to express how much I appreciate MC 2.1 (especially the Win32 engine!). ISI has some interesting projects coming up in the next six months - a couple of internet-enabled multimedia CDs. I hope to use MetaCard to make them happen. ToolBook isn't even in our vocabulary :) but we *are* looking at Quest and/or mTropolis for parts of the projects. While each one has strengths, neither has the full range of functionality that MC has. (I'm lobbying for MC all the way. Could you guess?)

Thanks for giving us such a great tool to work with.

Phil Davis
Information Synthesis

A big advantage of using MetaCard to develop software is that MetaCard makes it easy for me, the application programmer, to write my own programming tools. One reason this is a big advantage is I need not be limited to the tools that come with MetaCard. Another is that the tools I write for myself work exactly the way I want them to.

I state this from experience. I've just finished writing a stack explorer. This tool can walk any toplevel stack and ferret out what I want to know about the stack's object tree--in particular, it detects when an object has a script and extracts the script's text. I can view the information the explorer collects in a scrolling field and I can save it to disk.

Of course, having the capability to add tools to MetaCard would be of little use if it were difficult or time-consuming to do so. Well, it isn't. Because of MetaCard's open architecture and powerful debug tools (interpreters are always the best debuggers), I went from concept to debugged code in less than three days. When you consider that I'd only been using MetaCard for three months at the time, with no previous HyperCard or SuperCard experience to draw on, it says a lot about how easy it is to become productive with MetaCard.

Morton Goldberg
ERIM International, Inc.

Just a short note to tell you how appreciative I am of the speed with which you answer questions and try to help people with MetaCard. I have been a long-time SuperCard user but I am more and more impressed with MetaCard and with the cross-platform capability, I plan to use it almost exclusively in the future.

Good job!

Philip Chumbley

I thought I'd tell you what I think after my first look at the MetaCard Starter Kit so far. You may quote this anywhere you like as long as you don't quote out of context. First, I have to apologize. Whatever I might have said about MetaCard's stack and substack metaphor -- forget it. Once you have used it, it's great! The product is quite powerful and extremely versatile (and how fast it is!). I went to trying out some stuff and whoof! there it is. And come to think that the editing environment runs so smoothly even though it's all done in MetaTalk!

M. Uli Kusterer

Thank you for providing a way for me to use HyperTalk on both platforms, and in such a powerful implementation.

It's been a long wait, and well worth it.

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World

I just unleashed 36 students on the project I finished converting from HyperCard to MetaCard. I posted .sea and .zip files of the Mac and Windows versions (standalone plus a couple dozen other stacks the standalone uses or opens) on the class web page and in a Mac lab folder. Students downloaded/copied and ran the project on a variety of computers, usually in a campus Mac lab or campus Windows NT lab, or on their home computers (mostly Windows).

In general, I was extremely impressed (and relieved) that everything worked so well with a large number of students operating it on several types of PowerMacs and Win32 machines at school and home! MC is fantastic!

Richard Herz
University of California, San Diego
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