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Here are some examples that show how MetaCard can be as a helper application with your WWW browser. Before clicking these links will bring up the MetaCard stack directly, you'll need to install part or all of the MetaCard distribution on your system. See the Get MetaCard page for more information on how to do this.

AC Helper Application Checker verifies that using MetaCard as a helper application won't compromise security on your system.

Survey Survey is the WWW feature-request survey that was released with MetaCard 2.1.1. The user downloads the stack, fills it out, and then clicks on the "Post" button which sends the information to the MetaCard WWW server using HTTP POST. The server runs the MetaTalk script which processes the form information and returns a summary report of how the voting is going so far. No browser is required to launch or complete the survey, nor is any HTML programming required to produce the form or return the results to the client. Even the CGI programming is vastly simplified because data can be sent to the HTTP server in any format convenient for the developer instead of having to deal with the baroque encoding browsers use when returning data from HTML forms.

See also the simple CGI script which shows which environment variables are set by the HTTP server when running a CGI script. Use of MetaCard as a script-only (non-graphical) language is FREE on all UNIX systems: no license is required. The complete on-line documentation for the language is available in the free Starter Kit package.

Calc Calculator is the simple calculator described in the Calculator Example Application white paper.

JC Java Cup shows how MetaCard is easier to learn, more powerful, and much more efficient than Java for developing and deploying multimedia content on the WWW.

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