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Here are some examples of production applications our customers have developed using MetaCard. Click on any image to load the full-resolution version of that image:

LG Network Manager LG Network Manager manages LGCI's network devices (Routers, Hubs, Switchs) and the network itself.

This application fully supports Standard MIB 2 (RFC 1213), SNMP v2, Ping, Telnet and TFTP, and runs on all Windows systems, HP/UX, and Solaris. It is available in both English and Korean language versions.

Key features of the package:

  • shows the status of network and network devices
  • monitors network/devices statistics via 2D graph or table view
  • configures remote network device properties, (routing tables, Ethernet port status, etc)
  • sets thresholds for alarms
  • upgrades remote network device software via TFTP
  • notifies the user of extraordinary events (TRAP)

HyperRESEARCHHyperRESEARCH is a research tool for qualitative analysis.

Available in Macintosh® and PC formats, HyperRESEARCH 2.0 enables you to code and retrieve, build theories, and conduct analyses of your data. HyperRESEARCH allows you to work with text, graphics, audio, and video sources. Thanks to MetaCard's fast interpreter and rich user interface components, HyperRESEARCH 2.0 has been getting rave reviews from customers for its ease of use without compromising a powerful feature set.

Developed in partnership between Fourth World Media Corporation and ResearchWare, Inc.

Learn To Type Learn To Type is a shareware package for all Windows systems which teaches touch typing. It was created entirely in MetaCard, and uses many of MetaCard's features, including support for multiple windows, dialog boxes, images, some of the basic animation commands, and a fair number of features in the scripting language. It's a good example of a consumer application created in MetaCard.

You can download it here. You probably won't be able to tell it was created in MetaCard - it looks a normal Windows application! If you want to know more about it, or about any of the techniques used to script it, please send email to Cross Worlds Computing.

Interactions Interactions is a cross-platform database of drug-herb interactions based on scientific literature of medicine, pharmacology, clinical nutrition, and herbal therapeutics. Designed for physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals, it covers effects of herbs and supplements on drug metabolism and dosages, including positive synergistic effects and adverse side effects.

Developed for Integrative Medical Arts Group by Fourth World Media Corporation with HyperActive Software.

MetaBenchMetaBench is a developer tool for MetaCard which allows you to compare runtime execution speed of different syntax.

You can download this free utility here.

Versions are also available for SuperCard and HyperCard. Comparative tests show MetaCard's interpreter to outperform other Mac 4GLs for most operations, sometimes by an order of magnitude.

Developed by Fourth World Media Corporation.

IBISIBIS is a comprehensive medical database available for Windows and Mac OS. It references 282 common medical conditions and offers treatments from more than twelve systems of integrative medicine and alternative therapies.

Thanks to MetaCard's solid cross-platform engine, the product was completed for both Mac and Windows on the schedule originally alocated for just the Windows version.

Developed for Integrative Medical Arts Group by Fourth World Media Corporation and MetaCard guru Phil Davis.

Tactix TRIView TRIView is a set of tools and a high level Graphical User Interface that enables system administrators to manage a network of UNIX systems from a central location. Management includes performing commands that both control and monitor networked systems. TRIView provides a full functional command line interface (CLI) and high level Graphical User Interface (GUI). The CLI can be invoked directly from the UNIX shell, integrated into existing system admin user interface tools or menuing systems. The GUI uses pull down menus, buttons and scrollable fields to interact with the user and retrieve, display and manipulate centrally located operations data. Nearly all aspects of the product can be configured and driven from the GUI. For more information on TRIView see the Tactix Home page.

SAIC Hornet The SHPCE (Special High Performance Computing Environment) demonstration was presented at the SuperComputing 1993 conference. It is a front end Graphical User Interface for image processing algorithms that are run across many processors (workstations and/or nodes on a multi-processor machine). The GUI provides for both selection of parameters to the system and for display of status information during a run. Status information is collected from all processors involved in the application and collected onto a single MetaCard display. The SHPCE demonstration was developed at the Tucson office of SAIC.

NAPA MCNAPA is a MetaCard based graphical user interface to a computer aided engineering system NAPA (the Naval Architectural Package). Its main tasks include basic design work for a ship project, comprising definition of the hull form, superstructures, bulkheads, decks and compartments, which results in a product model database for use both in further detail design (structural and outfitting, manual or CAD-based) and in numerical analyses inside and outside NAPA.

MCNAPA supports Naval architectural calculations, such as:

  • hydrostatics, stability levers
  • tank volumes, capacities, sounding, and ullage tables
  • damage stability, floodable lengths
  • grain stability
  • container loading
  • loading conditions, inclining test
  • intact stability criteria
  • resistance and propulsion
  • seakeeping
  • maneuvering
  • weight calculation.

The NAPA system is developed by Napa Oy (Ltd), Finland.

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