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Here are some examples of games developed using MetaCard. The last 3 were developed using the MetaCard Starter Kit, demonstrating that useful, and fun, applications can be produced even using that free version:

MadVox MadVox is a free MP3 player available for the Macintosh or Windows.

MadVox uses QuickTime technology to bring you a crisp and clear musical experience that you can enjoy for a long time. MadVox features a customizable playlist with many features including random play and sorting.

MadVox also includes an interface like no other. An Objects area allows you to move seamlessly from artist to song giving you the ability add any song, or an entire folder of songs, with just the click of your mouse.

Developed by Dreamscape Software

Casey's Solitaire Casey's Solitaire is based on a card game called "Auld Lange Syne" and is a challenging game to win. Multiple options are provided, however, to Allow the user to control the difficulty of game play, making Casey's Solitaire fun for everyone from young children to card-savvy adults. When played strictly by the book, Casey's Solitaire is addictive on its own. But what sets it apart from other solitaire games is the option to let Casey, the author's parrot, out of his cage. When Casey tries to "help" you play solitaire...well, let's just say that if you have ever wondered if you could live with a parrot, this might help you decide. The Kleenex is on the house.

MetaCard's smooth handling of animation and its scriptable graphics objects made Casey's Solitaire possible. Without it, you would have had to provide your own cards and your own parrot. This way is a lot easier -- and you don't have to clean the cage.

Casey's Solitaire is available for download at HyperActive Software's web site in our product example pages.

The Fishin' Hole

Introducing The Fishin' Hole v1.5.2, a Mac fishing game! This shareware game recreates the entire sport of fishing in incredible 3D rendered detail, from the shops beside the lake to the waves of the water. A load of sound files emerges you to an ever deeper level, hearing such subtle things as the water swishing about in the huge pond, which is filled to the brim with over eight kinds of fish, plus plenty of secrets that few humans have ever laid eyes on! This is a worthy addition to any sports game enthusiast's library.

Enhancements from The Fishin' Hole v1.0:

  • 16-bit color (only 8-bit in v1.0)
  • External game-save files (send your games to friends over the internet!)
  • Faster, improved gameplay
  • New sounds
  • New "alert for bite" feature that allows you to have your bait in the water and wait for a bite while working in other programs!
System Requirements for The Fishin' Hole v1.5.2:
  • System 7.1 or above
  • 4MB of free RAM
  • 7.6 MB of hard disk space
Documents are included for reading about the game's many other features, or you can check out The Fishin' Hole's official web site at

Mix'n Math Generates a grid of random numbers that you must combine using the four fundamental operations to match a target number. Demonstrates math operations and other techniques useful in producing educational software. Download and play it as

Bouncy Practice your handball with 1, 2, or 3 balls. Demonstrates the asynchronous move command, collision detection, and constrained mouse tracking. Download and play it as

Mix'n Match Mix'n Match is a tile matching program similar to the game "concentration", but with bright colors and wild sounds. Demonstrates how to use GIF images, sounds, timers, and graphic objects. Download and play it as

Acrylex An xtris game: match the colored blocks, or combine them using color combination rules to build up points. Watch out for the killer blocks, though! Demonstrates how to use images, the "move" command, and math operations. Download and play it as

Rabbitron Move the rabbit around the maze, turning the unhappy faces to smiles. The bugs will try to stop you by moving toward the rabbit if you move him too slowly. If one hits the rabbit, you lose one smiley face. Demonstrates how to use polygon graphic objects, scrolling groups, icons, and the "move" command. Download and play it as

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